DDCE Selects Nevada, IA for Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

Joanna Schroeder

DDCE has selected Nevada, Iowa for its cellulosic ethanol biorefinery to be located adjacent to Lincolnway Energy, LLC’s corn-ethanol plant. The company has entered into an agreement to purchase land when completed, where the plant will be sited. The biorefinery will be one of the first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol plants producing fuel from corn stover, corn cobs and leaves, remaining after grain harvesting. Currently, DDCE is producing fuel at its demonstration facility in Vonore, TN and is in the process of scaling up the process to globally license its end-to-end production system.

“We’re producing cellulosic ethanol sustainably and economically today, and the market is ready and interested to deploy large-scale biorefineries,” said Joe Skurla, CEO of DDCE. “We are purchasing the site next to Lincolnway because it will meet the business needs for our project, and provides potential economic and environmental synergies for both facilities.”

This fall, the company plans to collect thousands of tons of stover from Iowa fields with its 2011 Stover Collection Program. This program will help create cost effective harvesting and distribution techniques. DDCE is collaborating with Pioneer Hi-Bred and Iowa State University to establish best practices in harvesting, storage, and transportation, and assure the agronomic and environmental integrity of cornfields.

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