Boat Race to Highlight Ten Percent Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

Ethanol will be in the spotlight this weekend as boat racing teams from more than twenty states will gather to compete at the National Boat Racing Association (NBRA) “Garnett Ethanol Hydroplane Nationals” this weekend, June 23-26 in Garnett, Kansas for a chance to break national straight away speed records using E10.

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) partnered with NBRA earlier this year to help dispel concerns about the use of ethanol fuel in boat engines. “World-class events like this provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the efficacy of ethanol-blended fuels, both on the road and on the water,” said Robert White, RFA Director of Market Development. “The performance of these boats and the speeds at which they race should squash any misconception that ethanol and marine engines don’t mix.”

This weekend’s races will be the first time national speed record trials have been done in over a decade. The speed to beat in the beginner class, C-Stock, is 66 mph and in the fastest class, Super E, the top speed is 96 mph in a quarter-mile. RFA is sponsoring all of the 2011 NBRA series event races taking place this summer and will be at the races in Garnett all weekend to hand out fan bags to spectators and answer questions on ethanol. Steve Gardner, General Manager of East Kansas Agri-Energy, will be among those who will be there. “As an ethanol producer here in Kansas, I am invested in providing our state’s consumers with the best fuel for their engines,” he says. “We look forward to watching the races this weekend and talking to attendees about ethanol blended fuels.”

RFA’s “Fueled with Pride” logo will be displayed on uniforms, course buoys and flags, t-shirts sold at the races by NBRA, trophies, near refueling areas of all boats, and on signs placed throughout the viewing area. Races held on Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th will have a $5.00 admission fee which includes a hot pit pass. The weekend races will take place from noon -5 pm.

Domestic Fuel will also be there on Saturday to watch the race and talk to the boaters, officials, ethanol industry representatives and spectators about using ethanol in boats.

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