Synder’s-Lance Snack Food Production Gets Sunny

Joanna Schroeder

Synder’s-Lance, a snack food company, has completed its 3.5 MW Solar Farm located at its headquarters in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The project covers 26 acres and is comprised of 15,092 solar panels. The solar farm has the ability to generate up to 4,453,136-kilowatt hours (kWH) and save close to 30 percent of the facility’s energy costs. The project took nine months to complete beginning last September and was managed by RMK Solar.

“This is a very exciting time in the history of our company,” said Carl Lee, president and COO of Snyder’s-Lance. “The solar farm shows the commitment that Snyder’s-Lance has made to creating snack products in a more sustainable way. Our goal has always been to make ‘better for you’ snacks and now they are also better for the earth as well.”

It is estimated that the solar farm will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 230 million pounds of carbon dioxide over a 25-year period. In comparison, the energy created from the solar field equals more than 111 million miles not driven by a medium-sized car, and more than 11 million trees would need to be planted to equal the same level of carbon dioxide reduction.

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