UNICA Launches Sugarcane Website

Cindy Zimmerman

The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) recently launched a new website to promote “clean solutions from sugarcane.”

SugarCane.org was launched during the 2011 Ethanol Summit in São Paulo, Brazil. “We decided to launch this new site to share knowledge and information with a growing global community of people who want to know how their food and energy choices affect our environment and people worldwide,” said UNICA’s President and CEO, Marcos Jank. “Today, sugarcane is the basic input for a diverse and growing range of value-added products, including sugar, ethanol, bioelectricity, bioplastics, bio-hydrocarbons, among others being developed. Sugarcane by-products are efficient and sustainable solutions that can replace gasoline, diesel, plastics and beyond that. Just imagine. Solutions from sugarcane,” Jank said.

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