Alcatel-Lucent Flips the Switch On Solar System

Joanna Schroeder

Solar energy has come full circle for Bell Labs. Recently, Bell Labs Global Headquarters in Murray Hill, NJ “flipped the switch” on its 1.2 megawatt solar power system. This is the same site where in 1954, Bell Labs researchers invented the first device to convert sunlight into electricity in meaningful amounts.

A formal ceremony was held at the site on Jun 7 and participants included Robert Mennella, COO, ConEdison Development; New Providence Council President Michael Gennaro; John Conley, Project Development Director, SunPower Corporation; and Stephen Reynolds, General Counsel, Alcatel-Lucent. The solar system is comprised of 3,728 solar panels and was designed and constructed by SunPower Corp. The new solar power system will provide an estimated 10 percent of the campus’ electricity when operating at peak capacity. The system is owned and operated by ConEdison Development.

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