Algae to Omega Chooses LumiGrow

Joanna Schroeder

Algae to Omega, an algae company focused on producing algae crops in vertical indoor farms, has chosen LumiGrow to provide its lighting solutions for its facility in Oakland Park, Florida. The LED efficient lights are being utilized to increase algae crop yield. The algae is used for high-value products including cosmetics, fish meal and nutritional supplements. During the day the algae farm receives natural sunlight, and now at night the algae will get constant light from the LED lights. Algae to Omega said that without these lights, they would need to double its space to produce the same amount of crops.

“As a company committed to green technologies, we were drawn to the LumiGrow solution’s demonstrated ability to cut energy use and costs by half versus traditional greenhouse lighting systems,” said Geronimos Dimitrelos, CEO of Algae to Omega. “But what really drove our selection is that the LumiGrow system’s adjustable color spectrum makes it the best choice for boosting algae growth. The algae grown under the 23 LumiGrow fixtures we have already installed is a vibrant healthy green.”

LumiGrow said that unlike other greenhouse lighting systems that emit broad swaths of color spectrum that plants cannot use, all the light emitted from their lighting system is used by the plants improving plant growth and health. In addition the system can be adjusted to meet the algae’s specific photosynthesis needs.

“Algae to Omega sets an example of how forward-thinking growers innovate to keep abreast of changing market conditions,” said Kevin Wells, CEO of LumiGrow. “We’re delighted that the LumiGrow solution is helping Algae to Omega realize their vision of a highly productive and cost-efficient vertical farm.”

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