Propel Offers Sacramento, CA Drivers B20

Joanna Schroeder

Biodiesel is gaining traction in California. This week Propel Fuels began selling B20 biodiesel at two of its Sacramento area fuel stations. Propel says its B20 is a blend of 20 percent American made biodiesel and 80 percent petro-diesel, and provides motorists increased performance, longer engine life and reduced emissions. Next, Propel added B20 to its Roseville stations as well as its station in Sacramento on Folsom Boulevard in response to customer demand. In addition to biodiesel, Propel also sells E85 and you can find their biodiesel and E85 stations in its biofuel station locator.

“As high fuel prices force drivers to think about what they put in their tanks, we are proud to offer a higher blend of biodiesel that provides premium performance and guaranteed quality at no additional cost,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Propel. “By providing a new choice at the pump, we are enabling Sacramento’s drivers to be part of the solution, making progress towards reducing carbon emissions and our nation’s dependence on imported oil.”

Propel is using biodiesel sourced from recycled vegetable oils. Biodiesel is safe to use in current diesel vehicles and serves to reduce harmful tailpipe emissions while improving performance and efficiency. While not all vehicles are manufactured to use B20 blends, more and more auto companies are producing diesel vehicles designed to operate using B20 including all 2011 GM and Ford diesel vehicles and Cummins engines.

In addition to offering B20 in ares of California, Propel has sold B20 in Washington State since 2007, with a very positive response from consumers. More information on Propel’s B20 can be found here.

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