Turning Glycerin to Soap Could Add Profits

Joanna Schroeder

A byproduct of the biodiesel production process is crude glycerin. The boon of the biodiesel industry has helped to create a glycerin glut and many biodiesel producers are having to dispose of the product rather than sell it. However, Diesello Verde S.A., based in Costa Rica, has developed technology that could provide biodiesel producers with a new revenue stream for the glycerin – eco-friendly, natural cosmetics products such as glycerin soap.

Diesello believes that using low value waste stream provides significant competitive advantages for biodiesel producers, especially with the multi-billion dollar green product industry. As margins on biodiesel production are typically tight, diversification of products can add additional revenue to the producer.

The company believes that by exploring new product development within a biodiesel company’s existing infrastructure, they can expect greatly improved profitability, lower production costs, and a larger and more diverse client base. As such, they will visit a plant, assess its current technology and products, and then create a strategy to expand the business into revenue generating cosmetics products, such as glycerin soaps.

Biodiesel, biofuels, biomaterials