Sabine Biofuels Formed to Produce Biodiesel

Joanna Schroeder

A new venture was announced today between Endicott Biofuels (EBF) and Holly Biofuels, a subsidiary of Dallas-based petroleum refiner Holly Corporation. The two companies formed Sabine Biofuels LLC to build and operate a 30 million-gallon-per-year biorefinergy to produce biodiesel from inedible fats. The facility is currently under construction in Port Arthur, Texas.

“This joint venture will assist Holly in meeting its biofuel obligations under the federal Renewable Fuel Standard,” said George Damiris, senior vice president for Supply and Marketing of Holly. “We are looking forward to our partnership with Endicott on this venture, and possibly others in the future.”

Sabine Biofuels will employ patent-protected Davy technology and licensed to EBF in North America.

David Robinson, CEO of EBF added, “We are extremely pleased to join forces with Holly on this opportunity. Both of our companies understand the value of finding renewable, economic sources of transportation fuel to supplement traditional petroleum sources. We believe the combination of Endicott’s unique, proven process with Holly’s industry-leading petroleum refining, distribution and marketing capability will make Sabine Biofuels the absolute leader in biorefining.”

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