Extreme Biodiesel to Produce Biodiesel for Grocery Stores

Joanna Schroeder

Extreme Biodiesel, a subsidiary of BookMerge Technology, has been chosen to collect used vegetable oil and produce biodiesel for two supermarkets. On an ongoing basis, Extreme Biodiesel will collect and deliver the supermarkets’ waste vegetable oil to its Corona facility for a delivery collection charge. Extreme will also be paid a toll to process the oil into biodiesel and a second delivery fee for the biodiesel when it is delivered back to the grocery stores. The biodiesel will be used in the grocery stores’ tractor trailers and for the generator refrigeration units.

“The large chain supermarkets are starting to understand the numerous benefits of using biodiesel by eliminating harmful emissions, reducing fuel costs, increasing longevity of the diesel engine life as well as converting the prior cost of disposing waste oil into a viable asset,” said Rick Carter, BookMerge Technology CEO. “We will continue to educate the supermarket industry and are happy to be their partners in toll processing their oil into clean biodiesel.”

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