Avjet Biotech in Strategic Negotiations with BioJet

Joanna Schroeder

Avjet Biotech (ABI) is on the move again. Today they have announced negotiations are underway with BioJet International to form a strategic relationship. Avjet has developed small 10-15 million gallon per year refining systems and BioJet is an international supply chain integrator for biojet fuel and related co-products. The agreement gives BioJet the license to use Avjet’s patented RWR System to build aviation biofuel refineries from native feedstocks throughout the world.

“Our unique small distributive refining systems blueprint is perfectly matched to BioJet’s goal to increase international use of sustainable biofuel,” said Marty Oliver, president of ABI. “The refineries that BioJet will be able to place will help the aviation industry continue to find renewable sources of energy.”

Don Evans, chairman and CEO of ABI added, “The aviation industry continues to face increased regulations regarding emissions and demonstrated use of biofuel. BioJet’s use of the RWR System will increase the availability of aviation biofuel for commercial air carriers.”

Most recently, ABI completed a license agreement with Professor Roberts, who works in the biofuels program at NC State University. The partnership allows ABI to commercialize all patents and intellectual property related to Roberts’ work.

Mitch Hawkins, CEO of BioJet concluded, “We are committed to helping airlines increase their use of sustainable biofuel, and this technology will allow us to place refineries that will turn native feedstock into aviation biofuel. Avjet is one of the first companies to have the technology that allows for the creation of small, distributive refineries, and we are looking forward to implementing it at multiple locations world-wide.”

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