Social Media And Farmers

Chuck Zimmerman

We know a portion of the Domestic Fuel community is made up of farmers so after seeing the results of our latest ZimmPoll all we can say is, “Get with it farmers!” Actually we know many of you are very involved in the use of social media. Sometimes you may not even realize it. So here’s what the results were.

A whopping majority of 61% chose Less than average in answer to the question, “How do farmers compare in social media use?” That’s followed by 27% who chose Same as general public and 12% who chose More than average. This really surprises me. Is this because of the average age of a farmer do you think? This response opens the door for a lot more questions. I’ll bet you have some. Please add a coment.

Our next ZimmPoll is now live and as planting season gets underway (in some places) we thought we’d pose one about the technology going into the crops of tomorrow. So the question is, “What should the next seed traits focus on?” Let us know what you think and thank you for participating.

And if you have any questions you want to suggest for future ZimmPolls please let us know.

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