“Gashole” Offers Biodiesel as Part of Energy Solution

John Davis

A new film released this week offers biodiesel as part of the solution for this country’s energy woes.

The documentary “Gashole” (gotta love the name!), according to reviews and trailers, sees the green fuel as David taking on the petroleum Goliath.

One of the reviews from Variety posted on the film’s website:

Conspiracy theorizing, though, is kept to a relative minimum as contempo interviewees — from economic historian Les Manns to “biodiesel fuel consumer” and “Dawson’s Creek” alum Joshua Jackson — help sketch the century-old rapacity of Standard Oil and the increasingly incestuous relations between auto and oil industries. Coming across as a George Clooney-in-training, Jackson smartly acknowledges Big Oil’s basic moneymaking agenda while accusing price-gouging corporations of exploiting working people and doing undue damage to both environment and economy.

Check it out!