GROWMARK Terminal Provides Homegrown Fuels

Cindy Zimmerman

GROWMARK is providing more homegrown fuels for members and area businesses around central Illinois.

GrowmarkThe regional agricultural supply company bought the Menard Terminal from Magellan Midstream Partners in 2008 and today it handles gasoline, diesel, ethanol and biodiesel for FS members within a 120 mile radius, in addition to non-member companies like Casey’s and Thornton’s.

Terminal Manager Pete Nance says their market for renewable fuels continues to grow. “Right now we probably sell between 60-70 percent soy (diesel) and all of the gasoline that goes out is with alcohol,” he said during a recent tour of the facility, which is one of only two that GROWMARK owns.

GrowmarkGROWMARK has expanded into other areas of business besides agriculture to help their member companies continue to have the opportunity to grow. Lincoln Land FS Energy Marketing Manager Scott Long says they provide fuel for construction sites, asphalt companies and other non-agricultural clients to use their equipment and their people as efficiently as possible. “During the farming season we’re really busy, but during the other times of the year we need other income streams to support the farmers,” said Long. “We’ve grown about 70 percent in the last five years and most of that has been on the commercial side.”

Long notes that GROWMARK is one of the largest distributors of biodiesel in the nation and B11, or 11% biodiesel, is their most popular blend, for good reason. “In the state of Illinois, if you use an 11% blend, there’s no sales tax,” he said. “So it’s cost advantageous to the customers and it’s also a pretty good product to use to support our crops industry also.”

Listen to or download back to back interviews with Pete Nance and Scott Long of GROWMARK: Pete Nance and Scott Long

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