Solar3D Completes Key Piece in Solar Cell Design

John Davis

California-based Solar3D has announced completion of a key component of its new solar cell.

This company press release
says it has finished the design of the Light Collector section, part of its 3-dimensional solar cells:

“Our innovative solar cell design has two main sections: a Light Collector section coupled with a Micro-Photovoltaic section. The completion of the Light Collector design is the key to expediting the entire project,” commented Jim Nelson, President and CEO of Solar3D. “The structure of every other element of the cell is dictated by the Light Collector and flows from its design. While the design element is complete now, we expect minor modifications to further fabricate a prototype.”

With the completion of the Light Collector design, the company’s research and development team believes that they can soon calculate the increase in efficiency that the overall 3-demensional solar cell can achieve.

“The Light Collector was the first giant step. We will now be able to know how much of the light will come through to the absorbing structure,” continued Nelson “With that understanding, we will soon know what the increase in efficiency will be with our new cell relative to current technology.”

Solar3D officials hope to have a working prototype by the end of this year.