Food Distribution Company to Use Biodiesel

John Davis

Instead of food versus fuel, this time it’s food working with (bio)fuel.

Illinois-based food distribution giant U.S. Foodservice has announced the acquisition of WVO Industries of Bluffton, S.C., a facility that turns used vegetable oil to fuel, and this article from The says the company plans to use the biodiesel to fuel their food distro trucks at one of their divisions in South Carolina:

By late 2011 U.S. Foodservice officials hope to be converting 5 million pounds of waste oil into 400,000 gallons of bio feedstock annually. About 200,000 gallons would be used annually in fuel for the division’s trucks. The rest could be used for other divisions or as a supply source for outside companies.

“We expect to duplicate the success of the Columbia biodiesel operation at other U.S. Foodservice divisions to offer customers nationwide an opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of our environment by reducing dependence on petroleum and cutting greenhouse gas emissions,” said Michael Frank, vice president of operations excellence.

U.S. Foodservice officials say they will be using distinctively separate trucks for the waste oil collection, with no danger of the waste coming into contact with the company’s food.

In November 2009, U.S. Foodservice began running its 185 tractors and 210 trailers in Atlanta on B5
, joining the company’s Streator, Ill., and Plymouth, Minn. divisions burning the green fuel.