New York Project to Promote Biodiesel in Generators

John Davis

The use of biodiesel in generators and power units is getting a boost from a pilot program by Sprague Energy Corp. of White Plains NY and BIODICO, Inc (also known as Biodiesel Industries, Inc.).

The Biogenset ( program is being partially funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and will be aided by the New York City and Lower Hudson Valley Clean Cities Communities:

Steven J. Levy, Managing Director of Sprague Energy and President of the New York City and Lower Hudson Valley Clean Cities stated the, “BioGenset is an opportunity to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse gases, and create local jobs. We are looking for leaders in industry, government and academia to become involved.”

The project will help to clean up the air, promote energy security and local energy use, and provide local area employment. BioGenset is actively seeking diesel generator owners and operators to become involved. Participants may include private businesses, maintenance contractors, schools, hospitals, municipalities, utilities, and public buildings.

The potential for this project is big. BIODICO officials point out that the state of New York uses one-fifth of all the petroleum distillate used in the U.S. and nearly a billion gallons of diesel a year. Nationwide, about half of all the petroleum diesel used goes to electrical generators and boilers.