Protec Fuel and Indore Open 14th Atlanta E85 Station

Cindy Zimmerman

Indore Oil Company has joined forces with Protec Fuel in opening their fourteenth E85 fueling location for flex fuel vehicle (FFV) owners in the Atlanta area. The E85 station is located at the Chevron Food Mart in Duluth.

Indore Oil partnered with Protec Fuel to offer E85 through the group’s turnkey E85 infrastructure program. “We at Indore Oil Company are energized on the prospect of working with Protec to bring E85 to this Chevron,” said Mihir Patel, General Manager of Indore Oil Company. “Our relationship with Protec and our customers continue to grow as we bring more alternative fueling options throughout the Atlanta market together.”

“Protec Fuel is pleased to now supply fourteen Indore Oil stations with E85,” noted Protec Fuel’s managing member, Todd Garner. “Mihir and his team are proactive entrepreneurs. We look forward to working with them more in the future in assisting Atlanta drivers in finding convenient locations to fuel their vehicles with E85.”

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