DF Cast: Community Solar a Good Choice for Individuals

John Davis

Community solar projects have always been good for the environment, but a company in New Jersey is making them pay for individual investments, especially senior citizens living on fixed incomes.

In this edition of the Domestic Fuel Cast, I talk with Pete Ramsey, the Director of Business Development for GeoGenix. He explains that having an entire neighborhood put in a solar project helps realize some economies of scale … being able to have crews simultaneously work on several solar projects, materials, logistics, and things like that. He says doing community solar, as opposed to each individual putting up his or her own panels, also makes a lot of sense for senior citizens, who could realize a return on their investment in less than five years.

Ramsey admits there a lot of factors that go into figuring those returns: how much electricity is already used, the pitch and position of the roof, the type of system the owner wants, and so forth. That’s why he says it’s important to do individual assessments and discuss what system is right for each home.

It’s a pretty interesting conversation, and you can hear more of it here: Domestic Fuel Cast

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