Lung Assoc. in MN Offers Free Biodiesel Workshops

John Davis

The American Lung Association in Minnesota and Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition will be offering a series of free workshops that highlight the growing role biodiesel is playing in the changes in diesel engines.

The workshops will be held April 19th at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria, April 20th at the American Legion in Crookston, and April 21st at the Brainerd Hotel & Conference Center, featuring presenter Hoon Ge of MEG Corp., a nationally recognized fuel expert, discussing recent refining changes in traditional petroleum diesel, best practices for sale and use of diesel fuels and how to recognize and respond to problems with diesel fuels:

“Nearly everything we eat, wear, buy or sell in this county is transported by a truck, train or barge powered by diesel fuel,” said Lisa Thurstin, coordinator of the Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition. “Unfortunately, this powerhouse fuel is linked to particulate air pollution, threatening the lung health of millions of Americans. “

With high fuel prices and unrest in the Middle East, interest in finding cleaner, home-grown alternatives to petroleum based fuels has never been greater. The workshop will cover some of the pioneering efforts by Minnesota to take the first steps away from imported oil.

Contact Thurstin at for more information and to register.

The event is supported by the United Soybean Board, Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, and Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition.