Germany Takes Lead in Offshore Wind

Joanna Schroeder

Germany is taking the lead in offshore wind development and believes they have secured number one status with its new offshore wind park located off the Baltic Sea coast. The project is set to enter the testing phase. This week, the country is wooing renewable energy and environmental technologies to Germany during the AMERICANA conference in Montreal, Canada.

“For decades Germany has shown a dedicated commitment to environmental technologies. Only through sustainable industrial policy can we continue to foster innovation and generate economic growth independent of resource consumption. With this philosophy, Germany has created the ideal conditions for innovative cleantech companies to reach a large and sophisticated market,” said Thomas Grigoleit, Director of Renewable Energies and Resources at Germany Trade & Invest in Berlin.

Germany is arguably one of the few countries that has not only met but surpassed its climate goals. It surpassed its environmental goals in 2010 – two years early- and is on track to meet is 2020 goals. One way the country has met its initiatives is through the use of renewable energy such as wind and solar. As Europe’s leading wind energy generator and the world’s top solar power producer, Germany is now tackling some of the industries leading challenges including energy storage to compensate for a fluctuating renewable energy supply and smart energy management technologies. The country is also looking at electric mobility as an important component, with renewable electricity slated to increase as a proportion of total energy consumption.

Yet energy is not the only area upon which Germany has set its sights. The country is also researching water efficiency in agriculture and food production. With the introduction of various new research and development incentives with significant funds behind them, Germany is supporting projects contributing to the reduction of water consumption in the food supply chain.

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