Dyadic Introduces Advanced Biofuels Enzyme

Cindy Zimmerman

DyadicBiotech firm Dyadic International has introduced a new advanced biofuels enzyme at this week the World Biofuels Markets exhibition in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

According to the company, AlternaFuel® CMAX™ has proven to be effective in converting multiple forms of biomass into fermentable sugars which is the critical step in the production of cellulosic ethanol and other advanced biofuels and biochemicals from non-food feedstocks.

The World Biofuels Markets is Europe’s largest biofuels congress and exhibition, supporting the world’s development and search for alternative energy sources. Dyadic’s President and CEO, Mark Emalfarb, will also be presenting the most recent data regarding the performance of AlternaFuel® CMAX™ at the World Biofuels Markets on Wednesday, March 23rd at the Biobased Chemicals session and on Thursday, March 24th at the Advanced Biofuels session.

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