2 POET Plants Reach 1/2 Billion Gallon Milestone

Joanna Schroeder

Two POET ethanol plants have each produced 1/2 billion gallons of ethanol. POET Biorefining – Big Stone produced its 500 millionth gallon of ethanol since going online in 2002 and back in December, POET Biorefining – Chancellor reached the same milestone. These are the only two POET plants to achieve this feat to date.

“For years, POET Biorefining – Big Stone and Poet Biorefining – Chancellor, and the team members working there, have been models of efficiency and stability for the ethanol industry,” POET CEO Jeff Broin said. “I remember when these plants produced their first gallons of ethanol, and I am proud to see them now surpassing half a billion gallons.”

Blaine Gomer, the General Manager of POET Biorefining – Big Stone noted, “The entire team at POET Biorefining – Big Stone has worked hard to reach 500 million gallons of ethanol. We have 15 original startup team members still working at the plant. All can still remember the plant startup and first gallons produced in June of ‘02. There have been many challenges and achievements along the way. Today, we celebrate a half-a-billion gallons of clean, green, and renewable ethanol produced.”

According to researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory, one gallon of ethanol reduces CO2 emissions by 6.41 pounds. Therefore, the half a billion gallons of ethanol produced over the lifespan of POET Biorefining – Big Stone have reduced carbon emissions by 1.6 million tons and the same amount has been reduced by POET Biorefining- Chancellor.

“This was achieved by a great team effort of POET Chancellor staff, the POET organization and local producers supplying good quality corn. We are proud of the fact that we are stimulating the economy for agriculture and producing clean renewable fuel for the environment and America,” add Rick Serie, general manager of POET Biorefining – Chancellor.

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