Enzyme Helps Argentine Soybean Plant’s Oil Production

John Davis

The world’s largest soybean processing plant, which produces biodiesel, soybean oil and meal, is using an enzyme that is helping increase edible oil production.

This press release from Verenium Corporation
says that Argentina’s Terminal 6 is using Verenium’s Purifine enzymatic degumming process at its Puerto General San Martin facility. Not only does the process increase oil yields, but it also adds benefits in refining the Purifine-degummed oil:

“Terminal 6 is a leading processor of soybeans, and a flagship plant for Bunge Argentina and Aceitera General Deheza,” said Janet Roemer, President and Chief Operating Officer of Verenium. “Verenium is pleased to be able to work with Terminal 6 to enable enhanced operating efficiency through the use of Purifine PLC. This implementation provides further validation of Verenium’s Purifine technology to increase oil yields and improve the efficacy of meal production, and has been enabled by our partnerships with Alfa Laval and Bunge.”

“Implementation of the Purifine PLC enzymatic degumming process has resulted in a significant increase in oil yields and processing margins enabling our facility to more fully reach its potential,” said Enrique Humanes, Chief Executive Officer, Bunge Argentina. “Successful installation of this process shows Bunge Argentina’s continued commitment to leading edge process technologies that provide economic and environmental benefits.”

“The implementation of Verenium’s PLC technology at Terminal 6 combined with Alfa Laval’s process, engineering and equipment supply capabilities, is the second large scale project we have completed together,” said Bent Sarup, General Manager of Alfa Laval’s Vegetable Oil Technology activities. “Completion of the start up of Terminal 6’s new process is further validation of our ongoing partnership with Verenium.”

The Terminal 6 industrial facility is specifically designed to use large-scale process efficiencies that maximizes oil and meal from soybeans at a low cost. Verenium’s enzyme will improve those efficiencies by lowering oil loss.

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