GROWMARK FS Platform is Homegrown Fuels

Cindy Zimmerman

GROWMARK FS cooperatives promote a platform of homegrown fuels.

Iowa RFA GrowmarkThat was the message Kevin DeGoey of the GROWMARK FS cooperative New Century in Iowa gave at the recent Iowa Renewable Fuel Association summit in Des Moines during a panel presentation by retailers and fuel distributors on how the approval of 15 percent ethanol blends can bring more fuel choices to Iowa.

“Homegrown fuels gives us better performance, better for the environment, reduces our dependence on foreign oil,” DeGoey said, noting that New Century has eight retail fuel locations and six tank wagon routes in all or part of nine Iowa counties. New Century just installed an ethanol blender pump at its Vinton, IA location last October. Currently, 87% of New Century’s gasoline sales are E10 and two percent are E85.

DeGoey discussed the opportunities for ethanol under the E15 waiver by the Environmental Protection Agency and the need for increased use of blender pumps. “E15 moves the blend wall forward, better economics for the consumer, keeps our ethanol industry strong, it’s good for Iowa,” he summarized.

When it comes to biodiesel, DeGoey said that about four percent of their diesel sales are currently B2-B20 blends and they are committed to the biodiesel quality assurance program. “GROWMARK and New Century pride themselves in not only meeting standards, but we also like to exceed them, if possible,” he said.

Check out DeGoey’s power point presentation from IRFA’s website and listen to or download his remarks at the summit here: Kevin DeGoey with New Century FS

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