New Ethanol Fuel Finder App from RFA

Cindy Zimmerman

iphone appThe Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is excited to announce the release of a new Flex-Fuel Station Locator application for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch – free and available from the App Store.

The Flex-Fuel Station Locator iPhone application will help users pinpoint any E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) station in the United States, providing the user with station locations, fuel prices, directions and a phone number to each station. The main screen features three buttons: Nearest, Favorites and About.

The app was developed by RFA utilizing the E85 station database hosted by the Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center and the U.S. Department of Energy. This data is continuously updated to help users locate over 2,600 E85 fueling stations across the United States. To download the Flex-Fuel Station Locator, visit the Apple App Store and search “Flex-Fuel Station Locator” for a free and easy download directly to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

In addition to the Flex-Fuel Station Locator for iPhone, the RFA has developed a similar application for the Android series phones. This application is available at no cost on the Android Marketplace. For GPS users, the RFA also has an E85 Points of Interest (POIs) application for Garmin and TomTom GPS users.

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