Commodity Price Expectation

It looks like there’s a very high expectation among our various audiences that commodity prices will go higher. You haven’t sold all of last year’s soybeans have you! We asked the question, “Will commodity prices be higher or lower a year from now?” Overwhelmingly, 70% said higher while 21% said about the same and only 9% lower.

Our next ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “What smartphone platform do you use” The Apple iPhone is now available from Verizon. I wonder if this will change things. Let us know and thank you for participating.

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  1. will this work be for union labor? I have been off work to long. All our government says is put americans to work yada yada yada. well with the fact that 85 percent of non un ion labor are ileagal imergrants and their safty and quality records are outragously low.
    It would be nice if the greedy companies would put americans to work and they will still make out good in the long run. But when companies use non union labor they use illeagal labor. Saving them alot in the beginning but costing them more in the long run with repairs and safty issues costing millions.
    Now are we going to put Americans to work or not?

    Its our country lets take it back!