NASCAR Champ is Excited About Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

Former NASCAR champion Rusty Wallace may not be on the track racing himself anymore, but he is still a team owner and racing analyst and he is thrilled that every series in NASCAR will be using a 15 percent blend of ethanol this year.

IRFA Rusty Wallace“When we hit Daytona, get ready,” Wallace said. “Because NASCAR is the number one source of motor sports in the entire world and when NASCAR runs ethanol, it’s going to be on everybody’s radar.”

As the keynote speaker at the Iowa Renewable Fuels (IRFA) Summit on Tuesday, Wallace stressed the power of ethanol, the fuel efficiency, the clean burning of the fuel, and the extensive testing that has been done in the cars with ethanol blends. “All they did was take the E15 and put it into current race engines,” he said. “We have run the blend of ethanol up to 30 percent in our NASCAR engines. It keeps making more power the higher we go.”

Wallace gave a lot of credit for NASCAR’s use of ethanol to Growth Energy, the lead group in the American Ethanol partnership with NASCAR. “These guys have really worked their brains out with NASCAR putting this program together to get E15 on the racetrack,” he said. “Without Growth Energy this wouldn’t have happened.”

Listen to or download Wallace’s address at IRFA here: Rusty Wallace at Iowa RFA Summit


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