Canola Biodiesel-Powered Jet Car Heading to Vegas

John Davis

A jet car that runs on biodiesel made from canola is expected to be featured in one of the premier car shows later this year.

Western Canada’s
reports the Prairie Gold, owned by Kevin and Gwen Therres of Prairieland Motorsports, produces 7,500 horsepower and can make it up to 254 miles per hour in a quarter mile (see some pretty cool video of it in action below), and it will be featured at the SEMA show in Las Vegas:

“We were just at the PRI (Performance Racing Industry) show in Orlando. They came to us at PRI and asked us if we wanted to be featured in the SEMA show in Las Vegas,” [Kevin] says. “For a lot of people in the car world, the SEMA show is the ultimate show to have a car come to. Incredible. Here we are from Humboldt, Saskatchewan and we’re being invited to that show. We’re just ecstatic.”

The Canadian Canola Growers Association sponsors the car.

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