Growth Energy: “Tear Down that Blend Wall”

Cindy Zimmerman

Growth EnergyGrowth Energy CEO Tom Buis says the decision by EPA today to allow up to 15% ethanol blends in 2001 and newer vehicles “knocks a bigger hole” in the blend wall, but they’re not going to give up until they completely “tear down that blend wall.”

Buis held a telephone press conference today immediately after the announcement was made, along with Growth Energy co-chairman Wesley Clark, Todd Becker of Green Plains Renewable Energy (GPRE), Kent Satrang of Petro Serve USA and Rob Sjkonsberg of POET.

Clark expressed his appreciation to the administration for the decision. “I think they made a very wise decision in moving to bring this extra fleet of cars in,” said Clark. “It’s a huge step forward for national security.”

Addressing concerns about increasing amounts of corn used to make ethanol, Todd Becker with the Nebraska-based GPRE says the industry is getting more ethanol per bushel of corn. “A small improvement in yield in 2011, we believe, will add an additional 100-150 million bushels of corn to the carry-out, more than is expected today.”

Fuel retailer Satrang says they are ready to start using E15 as soon as possible. “This is great and significant news for America’s gas stations,” he said. “We intend to put E15 in 8 of our 20 store chains as soon as the required labels are available.” He says those are stores that have blender pumps already.

Listen to the Growth Energy press conference here. Growth Energy on New E15 Decision

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