Mercedes-Benz Calls for More Hydrogen Infrastructure

John Davis

German auto maker Mercedes-Benz says governments and utility companies need to invest more in hydrogen infrastructure in order to help get use of fuel cells in cars.

The Detroit News
says the company made the pitch during the North American International Auto Show and said it soon put 70 fuel-cell powered B-class vehicles on the road soon in California and is promoting an around-the-world tour by fuel-cell B Class:

Mercedes said fuel cell cars are now at the same stage of development as early internal combustion engines in the late nineteenth century, when drivers had to buy gasoline from drug stores.

If fuel cells are to succeed, they first need a ready supply of hydrogen, Mercedes said.

The fuel-cell B class has a range of 200 miles on one tank of fuel, and takes about three minutes to refill, if you could find a hydrogen filling station.

After making the pitch, the company unveiled an electric version of its gull-wing, two-seater roadster.

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