Southwest Windpower Launches Home Wind Turbine

Joanna Schroeder

Southwest Windpower has released the Skystream 600 – their most efficient and small wind turbine product. The Skystream is designed to provide personal wind energy for homeowners and businesses. According to the company, the Skystream 600 produces 74 percent more energy than its predecessor, which makes it the most efficient power grid-connected turbine in its class. On average, it can produce 7,400 kWh of energy per per per household in 12 mph average annual wind speeds. Since the wind does not blow steady, the company says that depending on the wind resource, siting and energy efficiency, a Skystream 600 could provide up to 80 percent of an average home’s energy requirements.

Available in March of this year, the Skystream 600 is currently being featured as part of GE’s “home of the future” exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show. GE is an investor in Southwest Windpower. Another component of the turbine the company is touting is its interactive Skyview system where users can monitor how much energy the wind turbine is producing from anywhere internet access is available.

“In many applications, Southwest Windpower offers the most economical distributed renewable generation technology,” said Kevin Skillern, managing director of venture capital at GE Energy Financial Services. “Through our investments in the company, GE Energy Financial Services is helping bring this new product to market.”

The company believes that with their new technology, more than 13 million homes in the U.S. could install a wind turbine. The company did not disclose the price of the Skystream 600 in their release or on its website.

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