Protec Fuel Opens Three E85 Sites in Atlanta

Cindy Zimmerman

Protec Fuel along with Indore Oil Company announce the opening of three new E85 sites in the Atlanta, Georgia vicinity. The three facilities will assist in fueling the nearly 25,000 flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) in the area.

Indore Oil partnered with Protec Fuel to offer E85 through the group’s turnkey E85 infrastructure program. “Over the past three years we at Indore Oil Company have been working in concert with Protec Fuel to give customers in the Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas the option of having E85 as a renewable fuel source for their flexible fuel vehicles,” said Mihir Patel, General Manager of Indore Oil Company. “The relationship with Protec and the people that make everything possible within the company such as Steve Walk are wonderful and a joy to work with. It is a pleasure and fulfilling to think we are working together to provide a renewable source of fuel that will help reduce our dependence on foreign oils and help the environment at the same time.”

“Protec Fuel has been working with Indore Oil for several years starting with the opening of the very first public E85 station in the metro Atlanta area,” said Executive Director of Protec Fuel, Steve Walk. “I am excited to see how our relationship has grown to having over a dozen successful E85 outlets throughout the city allowing customers the option to fuel their respective vehicles with clean, alternative fuel, at a discounted price to gasoline. It has been Protec’s unique teaming network with Indore Oil, Testing LLC, GM and many others, that make all these stations a long term success.”

The new E85 Chevron stations are located in Sandy Springs, Lithia Springs and Newnan, Georgia.

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