So. Sioux City Approves $25 Mil Bond for Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

A new biodiesel plant in South Sioux City, NE is getting a boost from that city’s council.

The Sioux City (IA) Journal reports
city officials have OK’ed issuing $25 million in revenue bonds to help fund a proposed biodiesel plant:

City Manager Lance Hedquist said the South Sioux City Council approved issuing the bonds for Nature’s BioReserves at Monday night’s council meeting. However, he said the city will have no obligation for payment of the bonds.

The city held a public hearing prior to approving the bonds.

Nature’s BioReserves is planning a 60-million-gallon-per-year biodiesel fuel plant that will make biodiesel out of beef tallow from Beef Products Inc. The proposed plant will be constructed on the north side of BPI.

Construction is to start this summer and be completed sometime in the fall of 2012.