Warming Up Baltimore with Biodiesel

John Davis

The City of Baltimore, Maryland will be testing biodiesel in its institutional boilers for the next year.

This article from BrighterEnergy.org says New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. will provide the 440,000 gallons of the green fuel for the test … the second phase of testing the company’s biodiesel in the city:

The Phase Two program will determine the long term operational impact of the renewable biofuel, it said.

Miles F. Mahoney, President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “The City of Baltimore is leading the nation in the development and implementation of ‘green’ initiatives, including the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases. We are excited and proud to be a partner with the City in that effort.

“The emission-reduction capabilities of our biofuel have already been demonstrated in Phase 1 of the program and we look forward to demonstrating our fuel’s capabilities during this extended test burn,” added Mr Mahoney.

New Generation Biofuels makes its biodiesel from from recycled oils, animal fats or non-food feedstocks.