Pennsylvania Awards $8M For Energy Projects

Joanna Schroeder

The federal government may be dragging its heels on passing energy tax incentives but at least several states are not. Earlier this week Iowa announced several awards for energy projects and now Pennsylvania is doing the same. Governor Edward Rendell, through the Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant Program, has awarded 21 projects funds for a total just shy of $8 million. His office says the projects will create 221 jobs, cut the use of foreign oil by more than half a million gallons and cut CO2 emissions by 13.4 million pounds per year.

Project receiving funds include those focusing on biofuels, hybrid and electric plug-in vehicles (EVs) and natural gas. The state funds are being matched by $22.1 million in private funds for a total economic impact of $30 million for the state.

“Two weeks ago, the Natural Resources Defense Council named Pennsylvania as the 7th least vulnerable state in the nation to oil price spikes because of our work to build a green economy here,” said Governor Rendell. “In doing so, it noted ‘America’s addiction to oil continues to threaten not only our national security and global environmental health, but also our economic viability.'”

Rendell continued, “That’s a very accurate assessment and it’s what we’ve been saying for the past eight years, which is why we’ve worked so hard to create a green energy economy here. That work has paid off and today, we have thousands of companies who are employing tens of thousands of workers in green collar jobs. These projects will build upon that work and will transform the way we power our vehicles.”

Click here to view a list of the 21 project winners.

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