Ethanol Industry Testifies at EPA E15 Hearing

Cindy Zimmerman

Growth EnergyGrowth Energy CEO Tom Buis and organization founding member Dave Vander Griend of ICM were the first to testify at a public hearing today in Chicago on EPA’s proposed label for 15 percent ethanol fuel at the pump.

Buis stressed that the country has gone through fuel changes before, such as the transition to unleaded, and he is confident the transition to higher ethanol blends can be made. “Our recommendations for the label – be fair, inform and educate, don’t scare and alarm people. Consumers are smart and informing them is the goal here.”

Vander Griend noted that there has been very little confusion among consumers who are using blender pumps in Kansas. “For nearly three years, we have successfully demonstrated our ability to inform consumers with the appropriate label,” he said. “We do not believe that large, onerous warning labels are necessary for identifying an E15 fuel blend.”

Several sensible suggestions for making the label less scary and confusing include replacing the word “Caution” with “Attention” and listing Flex Fuel Vehicles first in those approved for use of the fuel.

Listen to Buis and Vander Griend opening comments here.
Tom Buis and Dave Vander Griend

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