EPA Hearing Today on E15 Ethanol Proposal

Cindy Zimmerman

The Environmental Protection Agency is holding a public hearing today at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel in Chicago, starting at 10 am central and continuing “until everyone present has had a chance to speak” on the agency’s proposed rule governing how pumps carrying E15 will be labeled.

Among those scheduled to testify are representatives of the ethanol organization Growth Energy, including CEO Tom Buis. The E15 pump labeling rule follows the first of two expected decisions by EPA on Growth Energy’s petition to permit the blending of up to 15 percent ethanol, or E15, in transportation fuel.

Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen says the label as proposed could have a chilling effect on ethanol blend sales. “It’s a warning label, they seem to think it’s just an informational label,” said Dinneen. “Consumers are going to see ETHANOL and they’re going to see WARNING and they’re going to see this bright orange and they’re going to be not just confused, they’re going to be scared.”

EPA and the Department of Energy are still conducting tests on vehicles made between 2001 and 2006, so the labels could have to be changed even after they are approved.

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