New Senator Expects Ethanol Tax Credit Extension

Cindy Zimmerman

The new Senator-Elect for Kansas believes the ethanol and biodiesel tax credits will be extended by Congress in the lame duck session.

“Both of those will be part of this tax package that I think can and will pass during the lame duck session,” said Rep. Jerry Moran (R-KS), who was just elected as senator after 14 years in the House. “Probably the blenders tax credit for ethanol, maybe at its current rate or close to it, for a year and then the battle will continue about what that tax credit should be.”

The Kansas Congressman says the EPA decision on E15 is a step, but it doesn’t solve the demand issue for ethanol. “If it’s going to mean something, it’s got to apply to more vehicles than where the EPA is today,” said Moran.

The newly elected senator spoke to the National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual meeting on Friday and did several interview during the stop on his way driving out to the nation’s capitol.

Listen to Jerry Moran’s comments on biofuels issues here: Jerry Moran

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