More E85 For Pennsylvania Motorists

Joanna Schroeder

Sheetz has unveiled its “East-West Clean Fuel Corridor” across Pennsylvania this week. Now, motorists who are seeking out E85 don’t have to go far off the beaten path as they travel between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. The company has opened six locations that now sell E85 and along with special signage to draw in customers, they are also offering motorists informational brochures about the fuel.

“We are taking this step to help our customers who want to use E85,” said Stan Sheetz, president and CEO of Sheetz, Inc. “They shouldn’t have to search for E85 locations as they travel. Our customers in Pittsburgh have had access to E85 at three locations since 2007. Now, commuters traveling east and west between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg will know exactly where they can refuel. Our goal is to expand the use of E85 into more locations to extend the corridor and help our customers.”

Sheetz continued, “With gasoline prices constantly fluctuating, it’s important that we provide our customers fuel options. Increasing the use of E-85 decreases our reliance on foreign oil while providing more opportunities for America’s corn farmers. It also reduces emissions and helps with cleaner air.”

You can visit the company’s website to see all of their E85 locations.

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