Grant to Help Turn Dirty Plastic and Rubber into Fuel

John Davis

An Ohio company has won a state grant that will help it turn dirty plastic and rubber into transportation fuel.

Akron-based Polyflow LLC, has announced it has received a $50,000 grant in development funding from the Edison Technology Assistance Grants (E-TAG) program funded by the Ohio Department of Development. Polyflow will get some help from EWI, a leading engineering and technology organization dedicated to materials joining and allied technologies:

The E-TAG program is a strategic technology acceleration program whereby for-profit Ohio companies, working in collaboration with one or more Edison Centers or Incubators, can receive small and targeted grants that will help the company overcome some hurdles that stands between them and commercial success of a technology-based product or production process. The E-TAG award will allow Polyflow a greater speed to market by validating the Polyflow product for meeting fuel specifications and helping Polyflow target specific markets.

“The assistance of the E-TAG award will allow Polyflow to assess and fine tune our material for the most viable and opportune markets,” said Polyflow Feedstock Development Manager Terry Parmelee, Jr. “We thank the Edison Welding Institute for the resources and insights that will help ensure that Polyflow commercializes swiftly and effectively.”

Polyflow officials say the timing of the grant is perfect. It will compliment Polyflow’s work so far to establish the right commercial channel and buyer the company commercializes in the near future.

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