New Global Biofuels Alliance Announced

Joanna Schroeder

Five biodiesel companies have come together to launch an new biodiesel lobbying organization called the Global Biofuels Alliance, Inc. The effort was led by HERO BX, one of the country’s largest biodiesel producers. The first goal of the organization is to focus on reinstating the Biodiesel Blenders Tax Credit, which expired on December 31, 2009.

According to Mike Noble, co-founder of the alliance and President of HERO BX, the group is a nonprofit organization designed to support energy independence for the United States. Target members include representing small to midsize biofuels producers, traders, marketers, distributors, and other interested biofuels parties. The group was formed as an alternative to what Kevin Gorman, Chairman of the Board of Global Biofuels Alliance and President of Nextfuels, Inc., based in San Francisco, says is a “more narrowly focused National Biodiesel Board.”

“I think to be honest with you, we are trying to get an organization out there that represents the group and try to let the Senate and Congress know what needs to be done,” Gorman said in the Erie Times. “We need to create a viable industry where we can grow.”

The five founding members, each contributed $25,000 to get the organization off the ground which included hiring Brad Davis as the new Chief Executive, who was formerly the president of Lake Erie Biofuels. The group hopes that it grows to more than 100 companies. While the tax credit is of utmost concern to the group today, ultimately their goal is to help the country achieve energy independence.

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