Vilsack Defends Ethanol in WSJ Letter

Cindy Zimmerman

vilsackIn a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal published Monday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack responded to an editorial last week criticizing EPA’s decision to allow higher blends of ethanol in our fuel as politically motivated.

Defending and clarifying the EPA ruling, Vilsack wrote, “The EPA’s decision to allow the increased use of ethanol in some automobiles is scientifically sound and follows a comprehensive review of extensive testing and other available data on E15’s impact on engine durability and emissions. What’s more, it will help ensure that the existing corn ethanol market acts as a successful stepping stone to a national biofuels industry that is creating jobs in every corner of the country using regionally appropriate feedstocks grown by American producers.”

The Secretary also addressed the criticism of subsidies for biofuels, noting that “the petroleum industry receives billions of dollars in tax breaks each year from the federal government.”

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