Propel Fuel Sales Double During Alt Fuels Promo

Joanna Schroeder

Propel Fuels saw their fuel savings double during their multiple alternative fuel promotions held as part of their celebration of the National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Odyssey Day. The effectiveness of these types of promotions in increasing consumer awareness about alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel is not new to Propel, they often have them in conjunction with new station openings. Speaking of new station openings, they could have up to 200 over the next two years as part of their initiative to bring ethanol and biodiesel blends to the West Coast.

“Fuel sales more than doubled at participating stations due to strong event turnout, and the program educated several hundred non-AFV owners in addition to the volume spike. Some sites reported volumes up as high as 300 percent,” Chris LaPlante, Propel’s Director of Marketing told DomesticFuel.

The next two stations Propel will be adding to their growing list are in San Jose and Sacramento, areas that are home to thousands of flex-fuel vehicle owners. And at the pace they are opening new alternative fuel stations, California will soon be a leading state for consumers to purchase these fuels – an important feat since many consumers believe alternative fuels are Midwest Fuels.

LaPlante concluded, “Propel continues to expand access to renewable fuels as it builds out its network of fuel stations state-wide. Along with its current network of stations in the Bay Area and Sacramento, Propel has begun development of station locations in all major markets across California, with 200 stations expected over the next two years. Additional Bay Area Propel sites are planned for North San Jose, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Livermore, and Concord in the coming months.”

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