Biodiesel Part of the Walk on the Green Carpet

John Davis

We hear a lot about the celebrities who walk on the red carpet during Hollywood award ceremonies, but our friend biodiesel was recently featured on the GREEN carpet.

This article from Reuters says the environmentally friendly fuel was part of the reason why Fox Filmed Entertainment was honored during the recent 20th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards, paying tribute to the entertainment industry’s environmental efforts. The blockbuster hit movie “Avatar” and an episode of the TV show “Bones” were among Fox’s many honorees:

Fox said a dozen other of its productions received EMA Green Seal awards for environmentally responsible filmmaking.

The films are “Love & Other Drugs,” “Water for Elephants,” “127 Hours,” “Black Swan,” “The Big Year,” “Knight and Day,” “Marmaduke,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “The Descendants,” “Just Wright,” “Cedar Rapids” and “Win Win.”

Part of those environmentally responsible filmmaking efforts include using biodiesel as a fuel for on-scene generators.