Illinois Biodiesel Maker Gets Equipment, to Install Soon

John Davis

An Illinois biodiesel maker has secured the equipment it needs to finish its 30 million-gallon-a-year plant.

BN National Trail has bought the biodiesel process equipment from Kreido Biofuels, and it is expected to arrive at Newton, Illinois, near the second largest transportation corridor in the U.S. later this month:

The scalable 30 MGPY facility’s key differentiator is the multi-feedstock capability of the technology, proven in large-scale production in Europe today. This enables BN National Trail to establish purchasing contracts with local feedstock providers who will be able to supply crude soybean, corn oil, or other low-saturated oil at an opportunistically low price throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

“Enhancements from the plant in Newton will come from the advanced feedstock technology program in Budapest where a pilot plant is being expanded to include algae as a feedstock. QSB, a BNE licensed technology will be integrated with the new process equipment,” confirmed CTO Robert Brooks. No timeframe has been provided for when the plant would begin production.

Company officials say being able to buy the equipment provides revenue and moves up BN National Trail’s plans by two years.