Weather Impacts Brazil Sugarcane Harvest

Cindy Zimmerman

Brazil’s sugarcane growing areas went from too little rain earlier this season to too much rain in September, putting a damper on harvest activity, according to the latest report from from the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA).

UNICAHeavy rains, nearly 60 percent higher than average for the month, hampered cane crushing for second consecutive two-week period, but reportedly favored ethanol production in the South-Central Brazil region. UNICA Technical Director Antonio de Padua Rodrigues says they are experiencing “another exceptional year” in terms of weather conditions. “From April to early September, the amount of rain was well below the historic average, reducing the availability of cane. Already in September, especially at the end of the month, rainfall returned with greater intensity than expected, hampering the harvest and, more importantly, reducing the quality of cane that will be crushed in October,” he said, adding that these factors should impact the overall production of sugar and ethanol at the end of the harvest.

UNICA reports that total ethanol production has reached 20.30 billion liters, an increase of 22.59% compared to the same period in last year.

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