Amazon Includes Hydrogen as a Green Shipping Option

John Davis

Everyone’s favorite online retailer (well, ok, at least the favorite in the Davis household) is offering its customers some more environmentally friendly options when it comes to having their items shipped to your door, and one of those options is hydrogen.

The London Financial Times reports that Amazon has patented its “environmentally conscious electronic transactions” that allow customers to see the environmental impact of their purchase and choose green shipping options:

The proposal includes the idea of adding a fourth “environmentally friendly” shipping alternative to Amazon’s current range of standard, overnight or two-day options.

“A customer can be presented with a shipping option that might not be as fast and might be more expensive, but that is more environmentally friendly, at least in one way,” the patent description says.

It says this could include opting for hybrid or hydrogen-powered delivery vehicles or using empty space on already scheduled routes.

The article goes on to point out that Ocado, the UK-based the online grocery home delivery service, already uses biodiesel in its delivery vans.

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