Oct. 15th is National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day

Joanna Schroeder

The National Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training Consortium (NAFTC), located at the University of Virginia, is kicking off its annual National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey in New York City Union Square on October 14, 2010. The official AFV Day is October 15th. The event was created in 2002 to create consumer awareness about alternative fuels and the vehicles that can run on them. This year the goal is to have more than 125 events planned throughout the U.S. and Canada with 200,000 people attending and reach more than 75 million drivers in North America through media outreach. In addition, Odyssey is also reaching out to secondary schools.

In an interview with Ethanol Producer magazine, NAFTC executive director Al Ebron said, “Even if you reach that many people but only some of them hear the message, that’s still millions of people that are learning about these cleaner technologies and new technologies that can reduce our dependence on petroleum and help clean our air.”

Many of the companies that are participating in the nationwide events will be hosting pump promotions that will reduce the price of alternative fuels. One such partner is Propel Fuels, who is planning on offering $1 off per gallon on both E85 and biodiesel and five of its San Francisco fuel stations. Within the next two years, Propel will install 200 combined E85/biodiesel fueling stations throughout the West Coast.

You can learn more about the events near by visiting Odyssey’s website.

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