Cottage Grove, MN to Celebrate Odyssey Day with E85 Promo

The BP/Daily Express E85 station at 8490 SE Point Douglas Road in Cottage Grove, Minnesota will be holding a promotion celebrating Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Odyssey Day, a nationwide series of events and promotions held every two years to educate the public about alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles. According to the American Lung Association of Minnesota, on Friday Oct. 15, the station will discount E85 by 60 cents per gallon from 4-6 p.m. The first 20 flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) in line will receive E85 for 85¢ per gallon.

Jack’s BP in Watkins, Minnesota is also celebrating AFV Odyssey day with an E85 “frequent fuel card” promotion – after two tankfuls of E85, eligible participants will receive a $15 discount on their third fill up at Jack’s BP.

Supporters of the promotion in Cottage Grove include the Linn Companies, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, the Clean Air Choice Team and the American Lung Association in Minnesota, which supports the use of E85 and biodiesel fuels as part of an overall strategy to reduce and prevent air pollution.

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